There's an advantage to being the agency that people genuinely want to work at: we attract the top talent. And it allows us to offer our clients expertise in a variety of key disciplines.


We bring great experience and a unique perspective. Because we work in both the payer and provider categories. We work with the state’s largest health insurance provider, one of the state’s largest hospital systems, along with health and wellness brands across the care continuum.

Financial Services

We work very well in highly regulated industries. It’s our attention to detail, staying attuned to industry trends and working collaboratively with our clients that creates these continued success stories.


Our team has worked on national car brands at every level — from tier one to tier three. We understand the sensibilities and have the experience to handle launches, promotions, parts and service, and even fleet.


Like many of our clients, we are not a patient people. So we love — and excel — in the fast-moving worlds of QSR and retail.


In the fast-paced world of gaming and entertainment, we have created successful brand campaigns and hard-working programs that drive loyalty and frequency.

Our Team Agents of Change

Ania Czuprynski: Director of Design

Ania Czuprynski

Director of Design

Mike Eckstein: Group Director of Digital Marketing

Mike Eckstein

Group Director of Digital Marketing

Chris Ienna: Director of Business Analytics

Chris Ienna

Director of Business Analytics

Jeff Scott: President

Jeff Scott


Aly Mandeville: Director of Corporate Planning and Culture

Aly Mandeville

Director of Corporate Planning and Culture

Adam Wilson: EVP, Marketing

Adam Wilson

EVP, Marketing

Lynette McCombs, PMP: Director of Delivery Services

Lynette McCombs, PMP

Director of Delivery Services

Mark Petrosky: Founder/CEO

Mark Petrosky


Julia Francke: Director of Client Services

Julia Francke

Director of Client Services

Monica Jakubiak: Group Account Director

Monica Jakubiak

Group Account Director

Jefferson Coombs:  Director of Marketing-West Coast

Jefferson Coombs

Director of Marketing-West Coast

Patrick Mack: Director of Content

Patrick Mack

Director of Content

Jimmy Kollin: Chief Creative Officer

Jimmy Kollin

Chief Creative Officer

Randy Bishop: Director of Technology

Randy Bishop

Director of Technology

Johanna Berger: Director of Digital Media Operations

Johanna Berger

Director of Digital Media Operations

Tracie Reihm: Director of CRM

Tracie Reihm

Director of CRM

Andy Prakken: Chief Integration Officer

Andy Prakken

Chief Integration Officer

Paul Murray: Director of Media

Paul Murray

Director of Media