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Helping the Leader Extend Their Lead.

The Challenge

Get people to see a brand they know well, in a whole new way.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan


Advertising, User Experience, Digital Design, Media

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The Idea

Blue Cross isn’t just about health insurance. It’s the company that helps hardworking go-getters get more done.

“It’s Time for More” signaled that a movement was afoot.

We connected with these go-getters on their terms and even at their optimal time of day.

Fully integrated, multi-platform campaign connected big and small screens and drove people to an intuitive microsite.

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What Happened

Instant Response

Robust microsite traffic right from the day of the campaign launch.


Very high engagement with social posts and video content.

Appealing Content

Almost a million video views during the first month alone.

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