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The Fastest-Growing New Gaming Brand in North America.

The Challenge

Create a distinctive brand in a crowded and confusing category – and unlike the experience it was promoting, it could not be a game of chance.


Jack Entertainment


Brand Identity, Advertising, Digital Design, User Experience

Jack Entertainment Jack Entertainment

The Idea

We eschewed the category conventions of celebratory players and girl’s night out revelry. We had a casino to launch. A brand to create. And we created JACK.

JACK is a state of mind. That bad influence friend that lives inside all of us.

JACK gave casino goers some very good advice about how to be bad.

The JACK brand brought back the glamour, sexiness and nostalgia of old Las Vegas — all things that instantly got traction in social media.

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What Happened

Permission to Misbehave

JACK woke up a feeling that many people had – but kept under wraps. The brand gave people permission to step outside of their comfort zones.

Distinctive Brand

The JACK brand was instantly recognizable. Quotable. Wearable. And a true, immersive 360 degree brand experience.


JACK became the fastest-growing gaming brand in North America. We’re only disappointed that Frank Sinatra wasn’t around to celebrate it.

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