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The Boldest Statement in Cancer Care.

The Challenge

The best cancer treatment center in Michigan needed to be seen that way.


Karmanos Cancer Institute


Advertising, Digital, Consulting, Media

Karmanos Cancer Institute Karmanos Cancer Institute

The Idea

Battling cancer is never a fair fight — you need every edge you can get.

We avoided the conventional soft and fuzzy approach, and instead, positioned Karmanos as an unfair advantage.

Messaging made it clear that Karmanos was all about kicking cancer’s ass.

We created preference for Karmanos by detailing the resources they offer that no one else can.

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What Happened

Territory Marked

TV, radio and outdoor advertising established Karmanos as the leader in cancer care in Michigan.

Content With Traction

Digital brand videos have been viewed more than half a million times.

Energy Inside and Out

The new tagline “Your Best Chance” inspired and invigorated everyone who works at Karmanos.

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