A Powerful Proclamation. A Source of Pride.

The Challenge

Align a statewide hospital network with a single and powerful platform.


McLaren Health Care


Branding, Advertising, Media

McLaren Health Care McLaren Health Care

The Idea

Doing What’s Best: With so many and unique best practices, McLaren is clearly the best choice.

Advertisers have used the word “best” so much it has lost its meaning. We changed that.

High-profile TV, video and OOH grabbed the state’s attention and created momentum for growth.

Galvanized and energized the internal culture with a sense of pride and purpose.

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What Happened

Stood Out and Held Together

The sophisticated and striking visuals, new brand look and positioning separated McLaren from other systems and created brand consistency.

Source of Pride

Employee morale reached its highest level in over a decade.

Patients Agreed

Patient satisfaction surveys positioned McLaren as the primary choice in key service lines.

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