The Launch of a New Financial Vehicle.

The Challenge

Get affluent investors to put their money into something they’ve never heard of before.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services


Advertising, Digital Design, User Experience, Digital Media

Mercedes Benz Financial Services Mercedes Benz Financial Services

The Idea

Investment performance you can trust: Mercedes-Benz Financial Services First Class Demand Notes.

Direct marketing campaign targeted affluent investors and caught their attention with a unique package.

Digital marketing targeted key potential investors.

A robust microsite educated and prequalified investors to create efficiency in the investment process.

What Happened

High Conversion Rate

The campaign resulted in a conversion rate of 15.85%—more than double the investment category and seven times higher than the automotive category.

Extremely Efficient

In the industry standard, cost per action, this campaign set the efficiency bar at $31.55 while the investment category averages $51.74.

Engaging Website

The First Class Demand Notes microsite had a higher click-through rate and longer time on site than both the investment and automotive categories.

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